Verb Trainers


Verb Fitness offers comprehensive performance enhancement training for athletes designed by athletes and those looking to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. The effort and time spent training with Verb Fitness will translate into peak performance for an athlete in there respective sport. If you are looking to get back in shape or lose weight, Verb trainers have the knowledge and means to help you reach your fitness goals and more.


Ahmed Yilla



Ahmed Yilla is a certified Fitness Coach with over 10 years of experience in the fitness arena. He began his fitness career as a trainer with a well known commercial gym, where he grew into one of their elite trainers and excelled to become a Master Trainer. Knowing it was time to grow as a leader , in 2013 he created his own fitness company called Verb-Fitness. In addition to being a leader in the fitness profession, Ahmed is an accomplished and decorated athlete. A former competitive Track and Field star and Fencer, he competed on the prestigious National and International Men’s Sabre Fencing Circuit. As a result, in 2000, he was selected as a member of the USA Men’s Jr. National Team to represent Team USA in the Men’s Sabre World Championships where he placed in top 16 in the world. While Ahmed has retired from the competitive sports world , he stays active by going to fencing practice weekly and running long distance full and half marathons regularly.

Ahmed's  approach is to train clients as athletes, providing effective and  powerful results regardless of fitness level. Ahmed’s client base ranges from general population clients to seasoned competitive Olympic bound athletes. His training improves flexibility, mobility, speed, and agility while increasing strength and conditioning. His training regimes are developed specifically to meet the particular goals of each client.